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We focus on the foundation.
You focus on the features.

Streambits lays the foundation for your web services with developer tools for account management and realtime messaging.

With Streambits Core, you can deploy our tooling within your own infrastructure, leveraging our restful APIs to build or extend your services.

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The Real-Time Communications Toolbox

Streambits Core provides a sophisticated suite of account management and messaging services.*

Account Management
Audio Calls and Voice Rooms
Chat Messages
Chat Server and Rooms

Built with high throughput, extensibility, and scalability in mind.

Streambits Core was built to scale to your needs and integrate with your existing infstructure.

  • Cross-process JSON-RPC event signalling, enabling multi-process architectures and extensibility.
  • Low latency, high database throughput leveraging ScyllaDB.
  • Integrate into existing infrastructure with official container support.
  • Simple TOML-based configuration model with stateless fallbacks.